Peter Degraaf's service is beyond a "VALUE", it is training and mentoring through market technicals. He teaches you through personalized charts and graphs on a daily basis to identify entry and exit points along the larger trend. When it comes to metals it is an invaluable tool! The 'ups and downs' in the market place for precious metals is like the ultimate roller coaster, making you want to get off after each drop only to get back on at the top of the hill!

His insight and understanding help you make the best trading decisions possible. I truly believe that if I would have had this service in the beginning it would have saved me much pain, agony and of course money!

Don't wait to subscribe! Don't lose anymore money. We all need a friend and a mentor in a market like this and that is exactly what Peter's service is!

John Ballou
Lee's Summit, MO USA

Dear Editor:

Peter Degraaf's article: "Everybody wants IT" (Canadian Coin News 10/16/07, pgs 7 - 10), is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. I dealt with Peter for many years. He was the most honest dealer I have ever dealt with. It's good to see he is still in there fighting.

Glenn W. Despain
Fairbanks, AK

Dear Peter

Please let me know what the price (12 months) of your serivce is. Please drop me a line with all the details: your contact address and your website etc. ---- You do a marvelous job and are by far the best chartist world-wide. --- I would take then the liberty to send your latest Weekend Report to around 100 European investors (bankers, fund managers and private investors) and recommend to them strongly, to subscribe to your service. .

All the best and a successful 2009

Marcel Ewald

“Thanks for the explanations, charts, reassurances, suggestions, trading tips, etc.  Your knowledge, acumen, perspectives, insights and much else are very much appreciated.  You offer wise counsel.  I’m really glad I began subscribing.  Keep doing what you do so very well.  You offer a steady hand on the rudder in stormy seas.  Thanks again.”
J. K. Fargo, ND

Mr. Degraaf,
“I have profited very much from your messages, and I just want to thank you for that, as well as wish you and yours restive and restorative Holidays!  The Salvation Army and our local food-bank will receive extra donations from me for the profits I have booked since subscribing.”
H. P. T.  Stuarts Draft, VA (Dec. 2009)

Dear Peter,
“Thank you once again for a wonderful report.  Keep up the excellent work”.
Dr. R. K. Great Britain

“Thanks for all you so generously provide throughout the year”.
G. F.  San Diego, CA

Dear Peter,
“Thank you so much for the service you give to your fellowmen.  I really appreciate you.
Your friend and admirer:”
N.S.  Hurricane, UT

“Thanks for the great service.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.”
C. L. Calgary, AB

“Thank you for your outstanding service this year!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”
M. H. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Peter,
“Thank you again for your service to me and my family.”
E. B. Springfield, OH

Hi Peter,

“Just a note of thanks to you for your service. I have learned a great deal from your news letter. Although I have been in the stock market for 25 years and followed it quite closely, your analysis regarding fundamentals and technical analysis has been very helpful and helped me understand why I do what I do. (THANK YOU).”

M. K. Holland MI

 Hi PD,
“It is a fact that from the day I have subscribed to your services I have not had any losses, in fact my jewellery store physical buying is entirely based on your advice.  I had mentioned earlier that I had suffered heavy losses on the gold trade.  It is only after I subscribed to your services that I got my confidence back”.
S.H. Bhubaneswar, India

Keep up your outstanding service!
Many thanks!
Flanders, N.J.

“The information in just one report is worth the ‘price of admission’ many times over”. 
S.G. Bellingham, WA

"Renewal check is in the mail. Keep up the good work."
L.K. Midlothian, VA

"All of your articles are absolutely excellent and I have learned a great deal from you"
R.K. Great Britain

"Hi Peter, keep up the great work on the charts. You are truly one of the greatest chartists! Thanks for the insight!"
R.L. Ligonier, PA

"Payment has been sent to renew my subscription. Thanks for the great service!"
S.P. Verdun, QC

"Thanks for all your efforts which cover the financial markets very well. I look forward to your commentaries."
L.L.G. Wasilla, AK

"Just a brief note of thanks for the excellent charts you produce and send to us."
E. McM. Thailand

"My renewal is in the mail.  thank you very much for all of your hard work.  It is greatly appreciated."
S. S. Binbrook, ON

"What an outstanding report, as always.  Well done and keep up the excellent work."
R. K. MD Great Britain

"Hi Peter, I just signed up for another year.  I really benefit from your work.  Thank you for sharing with us."
B. M.  Boulder City, NV

"My son and I have become great fans of yours, and I cannot even begin to explain to you how grateful we are both to your and your wonderful advice"
N. G. D. Las Palmas, Spain

" I have sent my check to renew my subscription.  I enjoy the service very much as your analysis is very accurate.  Thanks and keep up the good work."
T. P.   Brookline, MA

Thanks for all of the good work you do.  You're one of a very few analysts I read now.  I can count on an objective read on the market from you.  I really look forward to your E-mail each morning.  Keep up the good work."
P McD. Houston, TX

"May God bless you for the services you are providing for all of us."
B.M.   Boulder City, NV

"I''ve been subscribing to your service for the past several years.  Great service.  Many thanks."
A.  OZ, MiaVilla BALI.

"Thanks for your service.  It is truly the best bargain around."
K.H.L. White Plains, NY

"Thanks for the terrific service you provide, helping people navigate through the financial investing storm we are experiencing."
J.R. Glendale, AZ

"Dear Peter, the money I spent on last year's subscription was the best investment I ever made.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.  Enclosed please find my check for this years renewal."
S. H. McKinleyville, CA

"Mr. Degraaf, our local foodbank will receive a nice extra check as a result of the substantial profits I have made from your recommendations.  Thank you very much!"
H. P. T., Stuarts Draft, VA (Dec. 2010)

"Peter, you are indeed 'the man.' The best investment I've made was subscribing to your service!"
A. L. Victoria, TX

"Thank you Mr. Degraaf for your consistency, content and correctness.  Your trading system works extremely well for me and for that I am most grateful."
S. F. Chevy Chase, MD

"Mr. Degraaf, I have carefully studied your analysis - you look at the 'right' indicators, the right comparisons, true raw data - I knew that your were good, just didn't realize how good.  I want to upgrade from the Weekly Service to the Daily Report."
J.P. Houston TX

"Dear Peter, I have been trading gold for the last 40 years, but you are easily one of the top two or three analysts I have come across.  You deserve a medal, certainly from me."
N.D. Las Palmas, Spain

"Hi Peter,
I just love the lessons I've been getting all this time.  Thanks again for all the great advice."
E. G. Gahanna, OH

"Dear Peter,
Thank you for a great year.  I have turned $25,000 into $41,000, thanks to you.
I'm enclosing my cheque for a subscription renewal."
J.D.L. Scarborough, ONT

"Hello Peter,
Thanks you for your super wonderful service.  Your reports are so informative, and I have learnt a great deal from your wisdom regarding technical analysis, and especially the trading methodology you use, where you keep your core position intact, but allocate a portion of your portfolio to rotate in and out of stocks."
F.D. Campbell, CA

"Dear Mr. Degraaf,
I deeply appreciate your dedication, as well as the excellence of your work.  Your careful consideration of cycles, volume, sentiment etc. is superb and explains why your track record has been so good." 
K.S.F., Black Hawk, CO

"Dear Peter,
I cannot tell you how valuable your service has been and how happy I am with the results of your expert analysis and recommendations.  I am eager to renew my subscription, and my check is hereby enclosed."
F. K. (M.D.)  FL

"Hello Peter,
Thanks for your service.  I attribute much of the succes in my stock portfolio to your newsletter.  Thanks for your efforts."
H. G.  Sterling, VA

"Hi Peter,
Keep up the great work!  Thank you so much for your service and excellent analysis!"
T. P.  Brookline, MA

"Mr. Degraaf I would like to be one of those who give very positive comments to your newsletter, including the stock picks.  I personally have made thousands of extra dollars using your picks.  Thanks SO MUCH and keep up the great work!"
D. T. ,  Fishers, IN

"Dear Peter,
I want to thank you for the amazing returns you provide and for the education I receive from reading your reports.
A. L.   Victoria, TX

I've been following several investment reports in the Gold and Silver sector now for almost five years, subscribed to many of them and dumped almost all.  As you can understand I was kind of sceptical when I subscribed to your service but I can tell you now that I'm very glad I found it.
Your letter is the first thing I look for every morning, as well as Saturdays, (for your excellent weekend report).  Your charts are so clear and simple.  Your analysis is outstanding.  I hope I can enjoy your service for a very long time.  Keep up with your Very Good work."
Juan M. Argentina.

"Peter, I just wanted to take the time to say how important your daily missives are to me.  First thing in the morning I look up what Degraaf has to say.  I value them as being the most incisive and detailed commentary on the PM markets.  I find them more forthright, knowledgeable and up front than any other commentary."
Richard S. Toronto.

"Hi Peter,
Thanks for all your good work.  I am very happy with your service."
Chuck P.  Olympia, WA

"Peter, thanks for all of the great work you do to keep us informed and on track." Michael B. Lane Bow, WA. 

"Dear Peter,
I really appreciate your work!  You must recognize that your reports are worth much more than you are charging.  I would certainly not be dismayed, should you decide to raise your rates."
Terry F. Vancouver, BC.

"Dear Peter,
I am very grateful for your service.  It is one of the most balanced services, between fundamentals and technicals, with good tidbits of useful information added in."
Katy W. Bullard TX.

"Dear Peter,
Your reports are absolutely astounding, in every way.  I have never had the privilege before of reading an analyst with such insight as you.  I have no idea how you do it, but please keep up your amazing work."
Richard K. (MD) Great Britain.

"Dear Mr. Degraaf,
I like the simplicity of your analysis and your common sense.  Yours is always the first report I turn to each day and it has helped my trading a lot."
Juan M.  Argentina.

"Hi Peter,
I've been enjoying your newsletter and I appreciate your hard work.  Keep it coming."
Tim C.
Victoria, BC

"Dear Peter,
Congratulations on your wise and excellent analysis."
Monika H.

"Dear Peter,
Thanks for all you do.  Your work is excellent."
Michael M.
Paola Kansas

"Many thanks for all you do!"
Dr. George F.
San Diego, CA.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your subscribers.  I start each day with your morning report and the reasonable subscripton is the best money I have spent trying to fathom these markets". 
Marshall H.   
McKinleyville, CA

"Thanks for your outstanding chart analysis."
Myles H.
Mount Pleasant, SC

"I always look forward to receiving your market letters."
David B.
Cambridge, MA

"Peter, I just want to thank you for helping me make this a successful year, and I'm hoping that next year will be as good."
Kerry L.
Greenwhich, CT

"I am most appreciative of the investment service you provide.  Your report is essential reading in today's world of volatile and manipulated markets."
James S.
Tuscaloosa AL

"I always look forward towards receiving your letter and appreciate your ability to understand the markets."
David B.
Santa Fe, NM

"Hi Peter, you have a great service!  Please keep up the very high standard you have set for yourself."
Bill D.
Toronto, ON

"Thanks for your OUTSTANDING WORK!"
Ken F.
Black Hawk, CO 

"Thanks for the exceptionally fine reports you produce."
Chuck P.
Olympia, WA

"Hi Peter, I am a loyal subscriber.  My renewal check is attached.  I really appreciate your work."
Mark K.
Talmage, CA.

"I love your service."
Mark N.
Maineville, OH.

"Thanks Peter for the excellent service and great insight."
William W.
Nelson, BC

"Dear Peter, Thank you for providing such a useful service.  I especially appreciate the closing messages on Creation."
Warmly, Bill T.
Sunnyvale, CA. 

"Dear Mr. Degraaf, I love your newsletter."
Kevin O.
Mooretown, NJ

“Your keen analysis of the daily data helps guide me in today’s demanding investment environment.”
John K.
Fargo, ND

"Thank you for your great work, and your competent reports.  I enjoy them very much."
Greetings from Austria!
G. L. Bernd S

“I am thrilled with my subscription.”
Susan K.
Benton Harbor, MI

“Thanks as always for your newsletter.  Congratulations on it’s excellence.  It is now the only one to which I subscribe.”
Neil B.
St. John’s NFLD

“Thanks for your great newsletter”
George S.T.
Fayetteville, GA

"Mr. Degraaf,
Thanks again for your great work. Your newsletter has assisted me immensely in my understanding of the gold and silver markets, and other markets as well. I am blessed to receive it.
Thanks so much. "
David T.
Fishers, IN

“I’m mailing my renewal check today for your excellent service.”
Edward N.
Syracuse, NY

“You’re high on my daily priority list.”
Jeff W.
Incline, NV

“Thanks Peter for your great service.”
Robin H.
Guelph, ON

“Thank you so much for all you do.  Your reports continue to be excellent and I enjoy reading all of them. “
Troy P.
Tampa, FL

“My check for the subscription renewal is in the mail.  Thanks for all the useful information!”
Lane K.
Midlothian, VA

“Thanks for providing a great service at an extremely reasonable price.”
James E. S.
Tuscaloosa, AL

“Thank you for all of the ‘spot-on’ analysis. It is much appreciated!”
Brian G.
New Albany, IN.

"I like your subscriber service. Your charts and technical analysis are awesome"
Hubert F.

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