How To Subscribe

Subscribing is easy, but first allow me to explain the service I provide:

Our most popular service is the Weekend Report.  It is a multi-page report with a lot of charts, and simple to follow explanations of current trends. These charts are designed to help you in your trading, and will enable you to become an expert at ‘Technical Analysis”.  All successful traders use technical analysis.  The report comes to you on Friday or Saturday (depending on my schedule), usually at around 2200 NY time.

The Weekend Report is followed on Monday evening by the Monday Evening Report, at 2100 NY time.  In it we feature charts that we did not have room for in the Weekend Report.
Next you will receive the Thursday Morning Update at 0800 NY time.
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning you will receive the Chart of the Day message.

Cost of this service.
To subscribe to our service for one year, you may send $100 in cash, check or money order to one of the addresses listed below.  At this rate your cost is just 2.00 per week.
We prefer cash, check or money order, as PayPal takes up to 5% off the top.
However, if you prefer you can use PayPal by clicking on the $100 button.

arrow Service is planned to come your way 50 weeks of the year, with 2 weeks set aside for holidays.

arrow Those of you who prefer to have your messages at multiple addresses (i.e. home and office) can request this. The charge is 5.00 per year for each additional address.

arrow Subscribers who prefer to have an ‘early-bird’ copy of the Thursday morning message (consisting of two or three charts and subject to changes that will show up in the morning message) may request it.  It is planned for Wednesday evening and it usually comes out at 2130 NY time. This has been found useful by people in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

arrow Canadian subscribers who wish to use Canadian dollars are invited to send cash or check or use WWW.INTERAC.COM 
(The PayPal account is linked to our US account).

arrow Subscribers in foreign countries without access to a checking account may send cash in a dark envelope, or wrapped in a dark piece of paper inside the envelope.  We accept responsibility for its safe arrival.  We accept US$, C$, A$, GBP and Euros.  Just send as close to US $100 as you can, using the Kitco home page rate schedule.

arrow Send us an E-mail when you subscribe and we will start your subscription while we wait for the mailman.                                                                                                                                
                        For your convenience we offer the following mailing address:

Peter Degraaf
611 St. Clair St.
Point Edward, ON N9V 1P2

                        Please make checks payable to Peter Degraaf - thanks

When using PayPal please remit only in US dollars, as our account with PayPal is linked to our US bank account.  To pay via PayPal, click on the button below.

One year service = $100

A receipt will be issued for each subscription, which can be used as a tax write-off.

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