In February I wrote an article for, titled:  'Looking Good'.  In it I listed a number of trends that have gone exponential, with the conclusion that even the number of items that are going exponential, is itself going exponential!  To access the article, visit, click on 'Gold Digest', then click on the green banner that has my name on it, or visit, type in my name, click 'search', and the article is among those on page 1 of the index, at the top of page 1.
I first became interested in the subject after I read a book by Dr. Richard A. Swenson titled:  Hurtling Toward Oblivion.
Today, in my ongoing research on the subject, I came across a video that takes the concept one step futher.  The video has already been seen by over 2 million viewers.  While I draw a different concusion than Mr. Karl Fischer does at the end of his video, (my reaction is one of amazement at the accuracy of the Bible, when the prohet Daniel predicted 2,600 years ago as part of his vision for the End Times, that KNOWLEDGE WILL INCREASE, and the emphasis is on increase) -  (Daniel 12:4).
Dispite the fact that Karl's conclusion is different from mine, the video is a real 'eye opener'.  To enjoy the video, you may want to turn down the sound, which I found to be a bit distracting.
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