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Whether you are a small investor just starting out, or an experienced investor with a million dollar portfolio, I believe I can be of assistance in your financial journey.


In order that I may gain your confidence, I invite you to click on a short article in the archives titled:  “Testimonials”.  These are unsolicited comments from live individuals, not some ‘made up initials’.


In the world of investments, as in our daily lives, everything moves in cycles.  I have written an article on that subject, and I invite you to read it.  It is found in the archives.


Despite the apparent chaos in the markets, there is a certain amount of symmetry. 

To find this symmetry, or market behavior, we use ‘technical analysis.’

 Technical analysis is human behavior condensed and transferred onto charts.  People behave in predictable patterns.  We all exhibit fear and greed, and often move in herds.  This behavior shows up in chart patterns.  The ideal way to approach any investment is to replace your emotions with analytical analysis, and technical analysis is a major component of this method.


The way to become a successful investor is to study the markets by using fundamental analysis, and then fine-tuning your decisions with technical analysis.


This is not as difficult as it sounds.  The most effective fundamental analysis is to look for a sector of the economy that has been beaten down and neglected.  Within that sector your look for stocks that have assets that are worth close to or more than the total market cap of that company.   Look for good management, people who are interested in growing the assets of that company.  Next look for signs that this sector is starting to come to life again.  Then, using technical analysis, look for stocks that are showing positive chart patterns.


Here is where I can be of help.  Every weekend I publish my Weekend Report, (a sample copy is available upon request).  In this report I include a number of charts with notations.  These notations are meant to teach the reader to learn to look for those patterns, every time they look at a chart.  After a while you will begin to recognize certain patterns, as soon as you look at a chart.  The reason these patterns will work for you is because so many others see the same pattern and begin to act upon them.


I close this article with a chart that features several chart patterns that appear over and over again, and can be acted upon with great success.



Benefits Chart

Featured is a chart of Central Fund of Canada (chart courtesy www.stockcharts.com).  I have written an article about CEF.  You will find it in the archives.  The ABC formation shown here is very common and it traces out an ABC bottom.  After forming an ABC bottom, price tried to break out above the 50Day Moving Average (blue line), but failed in its first attempt (purple arrow).  Price fell back to the support area just above the ‘C’ point (green arrow), and a number of new buyers rushed in and created the support that was needed to give price a boost (blue arrow).  Meanwhile the supporting indicators are positive (black arrows), which gives confidence to the people who are buying the stock.   The next hurdle for CEF is at the 200DMA (red line).  Once price overcomes that hurdle, even more buyers will become interested and ‘onward and upward’ she will go.


I invite you to give my Weekend Report a try; the cost is very reasonable (details under ‘how to subscribe’ and if at anytime you are not satisfied with the service, you can get a refund for the remainder of your subscription. We rarely ever receive a request for a refund.


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